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Upholstery Workshops

Bring Your Own Project

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£10.00 per hour (3 Hour Sessions)

Wednesdays  10.00am - 1.00pm

Saturdays       10.00am - 1.00pm /

                          1.00pm - 4.00pm

Whether you are new to the upholstery craft or someone with previous experience looking for a greater challenge, our weekly workshops are suitable for all. We provide expert tuition in a relaxed and spacious environment. Class sizes are kept small (maximum 6 people per session) allowing for plenty of one-to-one support to guide you through your project.


You will be guided through the design process and supported in stripping down and preparing your piece, including any repairs to the frame should they be required, as well as waxing or painting woodwork. You will be introduced to the various tools and advised on measuring and cutting your fabric and any pattern matching required. You will be tutored through the various techniques, from applying webbing, hessian and wadding, cuts and corners, to finishing techniques such as shallow or deep buttoning, stud work or piping.


Basic materials, such as staples, glue etc.. are included in the session cost. Any additional upholstery materials that you require to complete your project such as hessian, foam, webbing etc.. are available to buy at reduced prices.


All our workshops are flexible, simply book a session that is convenient to you on a pay as you go basis. Our workshops are all 3 hours long and cost £8 per hour.

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Classic Footstool Course

£175.00 (12 Hours)

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September 2019

10.00am - 4.00pm

A classic introduction to the upholstery craft, with enough creativity to allow you to produce a unique and practical piece of furniture for your home.


This course includes an 18” X 24” hardwood footstool frame with 6” Queen Anne legs, as well as all the resources needed to complete your stool with the exception of 1m of your chosen fabric.


During the course you will be introduced to using the staple gun and guided through all the tools and techniques, from applying webbing, hessian and wadding, cuts and corners, to finishing techniques such as shallow buttoning, stud work or piping. You will take your solid hardwood frame, made in our frame workshop, all the way to the finished article. You will even be given a choice of quality paints and waxes for finishing the legs of your stool to match your fabric.


This course should take 12 hours to complete.


NOTE: Should you want to create a different sized stool then please ask as we can make up a frame of any size (additional costs may apply) and stools can be supplied with alternative leg style should you not want Queen Anne legs on your stool (additional costs may apply) simply ask at the time of booking.

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